Nike apple watch

Here is another that hasn’t been picked up on by slickdeals yet. Apple is having 20% off their site. This includes the series 3 apple watches. I have a feeling as soon as this is figured out they will sell out fairly quickly.

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Great find!!

NB: You said Apple site, but it is the site with the sale if you use code 20SPRING.

I bought an LTE Apple Watch 3 last year and it’s exceeded my moderate expectations.

Auto-login on Macs is convenient, Apple pay from my watch is easier than from my phone and being able to see notifications without picking up my phone is great. That said, it’s a pretty expensive way to get those things.

Disappointments include a lack of watch-specific audio/streaming apps. No Apple podcast app, no SiriusXM app, no Amazon Music app, etc.

crap, I did mess that up. Sorry. Was in a hurry when I typed it up.

I bought one for my wife to listen to podcasts when she runs. Which podcast app do you use?

Everyone was rushing to to order Nike watches!

It’s actually pretty common for the Garmin and Apple Nike variants to be available on Nike’s website with some discount codes working. You can also stack with cashback for (I’ve gotten 20% cashback before, for orders placed with prepaid giftcards) and/or with discounted Nike gift cards.

The downside is you get the odd Nike colors, with the Garmin I’ve seen before anyways. I have not looked for Apple watches.

The Nike Apple Watch band has normal colors (in addition to some funky ones).

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I’m enjoying my watch. Lost a few lbs from it scolding me to exercise more.

Bought a few knockoff bands cheap in HK, but they’re also widely available on Amazon.