Nikon Z5 camera body for under a grand

Performance is only slightly degraded vis a vis a Z6. Both are FF (full frame) camera bodies. This brings up what is, for me, the most important feature:

All these FF Nikon Z mirrorless camera bodies have the Z mount. The Z mount has a diameter designed for, and sufficient for, FF sensors. Contrast this with offerings from other manufacturers, e.g. Sony, which retained on their FF camera bodies a mount sized originally for smaller APS-C sensors! Does that work? Well, yes sort of. But is that ideal? Not for FF sensors. You cannot screw with the basic realities of optics.

Anyway, unlike when the Z series was brand new, adapters now exist for all sorts of MF (manual focus) lenses, to include M42, Konica AR, PK, and more. Bottom line it’s pretty cool being able to buy a FF camera body, with a correctly sized mount, for south of a grand . . . provided you ignore the GD tax.

Link to deal

Note: That deal is $400 off list so it might not be around too long.

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wow, those lens prices!!

Just got my first real camera… nikon also. A lot to learn. Do you offer tutorials, @shinobi ? :slight_smile:

If you have questions I would do my best to offer an answer.

Autofocus lenses do tend to cost a lot of money. I mostly (but not entirely) go the MF (manual focus) lens route because they work well and sell for a lot less money. I own somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 MF lenses . . . do not have an exact count. Thing is:

To use the less expensive MF lenses it is better to buy a camera body with IBIS (in body image stabilization). That way you do not require stabilization to be built into each individual lens . . . which costs!

The camera body in the OP has IBIS so is also a great choice to marry up with the older MF lenses which, of course, have no electronics at all but nearly always are designed for FF since they were used with 35mm film.

The other key to saving on lenses, which I mentioned in the OP, revolves around availability of adapters.

Nikon makes good camera bodies and they make excellent lenses. Is your Nikon FF or is it APS-C?

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so I’ll still have to use an adapter for for F2 F-mount lenses. :pensive: It’s still better than letting them collect age in a bag that’s … somewhere. :worried:


Here is one example

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This deal dies a mean and ugly death tonight at midnight. However:

I only posted this for those desiring to move up to a new Z camera body at low cost. There are alternatives which I’ll now elucidate:

Consider used

Obviously buying a used anything is daunting and worrisome. But the used Z6 market is sizzling because some early adopters were caught by surprise by the Z6 II and turned in their Z6 bodies straightaway in order to upgrade. Consider this used Z6 example, from one of the most reliable sellers in America, available at off price:

Used Z6 example

With a shutter count south of 6400 that puppy is barely broken in. Remember, these are mirrorless cameras! Shipping is free and Roberts backs the camera body for six months. And this is a Z6, more camera than a Z5.

You can also find Z6 camera bodies being offered by Roberts on eBay. There it is possible to make an offer. I usually offer 15% less than their asking price.

Here is one Z6 example

Used stuff I have bought from Roberts, which they listed in fair or good condition, I was unable to distinguish from new. Only God knows how pristine must be items they list as mint or mint-. They are tough graders and very persnickety. Also:

Roberts is located in Indianapolis, not in Boston or NYC. It’s something to consider.

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Thanks @shinobi ! We’re learning but there are a TON of options. Auto mode has become our friend.

I am not sure on your question… it is a D5600 model.

OK, sure. That camera body has an APS-C sensor which is smaller than a FF (full frame) sensor.

FF is sort of the “holy grail” these days, which is why I posted the OP in the first place. I want a camera body with a FF sensor which also has a mount diameter sized and designed for FF. The Nikon Z mount is an example of this.