Nitrile gloves. Lots of 'em cheap. But sadly no free shipping

This is a somewhat difficult deal to decipher . . . especially since I do not speak Spanish. However:

As best I can tell the deal is offering 25 pairs of nitrile gloves at a cost of $6.88 PLUS shipping. And shipping is certainly not free.

The gloves themselves appear to be of decent quality.

Here is your link. Break a leg. But do so with clean hands: :rofl:

Link to nitrile gloves deal

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This is about the same price as Harbor Freight with coupons. These things have roughly doubled in price since the onset of the Wuhan Flu. If you get to free shipping, then you don’t have to go to Harbor Freight.

Costco has 400 gloves for $30 at the warehouse. $39 shipped online.