No referral links, please

Here at FD, we are not allowing referral links. Please help us keep the site free of clutter, begging., etc.

Thank you for your understanding!


Does the new forum software perform auto-linking like FWF used to? I understand why you wouldn’t want just any Tom, Dick and Harry to post links, but I’d hate for your Target audience to miss a good deal on the Verizon due to a Gap in the software functionality. Although I Guess the new owners of Fragile Deals have a Sharper Image for what a good finance forum should look like and I just feel Lucky to have a new forum.


LOL TripleB. :slight_smile:

I always disliked how conversation would be interrupted by (to my mind) obnoxious forced links. Our board does not do that, and I hope it never will!


Somewhere else does it, and I’m not talking about FW. They’re becoming a clear example of what not to be, both functionality/feature wise, as well as member mentality.

…did I just say all that outloud?

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So if a member needs a referral in order to get something, how do we go about it on this board?

PM perhaps?

How do I know who to PM?

In a case like that, a thread asking for a referral is fine.

What we’re not allowing is people posting their own referral links in order to get some compensation That kind of activity crowds out productive conversation.


Great! This is exactly what I was hoping you would say.
So when someone needs a referral, they can post asking for one. Should the reply be through PM or can the reply be done in the thread that asked for the referral?

IMO the right thing to do would be to send a PM and reply in the thread with “PM sent”.

You don’t want myusername asking for a referral and myotherusername replying to it, right?


We’ll probably create a general referral thread so that requests have a centralized place. The details can then be hashed out by PM.


Why not give users a public profile section and they can just say referrals in my profile. That way you can keep it off the threads, but it’s still easily accessible should a deal require a referral.

If I need a referral, I don’t want to go looking through a ton of profiles to find the referral I’m looking for.

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My heart SANK when I saw TripleB’s post with all those external links!
I hated those on FW, and I thought, "Oh no, they are doing that here, too."
I’m glad to see DaveHanson’s reply stating that this site does not do that.


Wow, Sharper Image still exists? I wonder if my SI gift cards I got from Discover years ago will still work? :slight_smile:


what is a referral link ? plz help me to understand and why it’s not allowed? and why people are asking it desperately?

A referral link is any link where you get a kickback if someone signs up for a service or purchases a product. This is typically done by using some tracking code on the end of your link.



ohh thankyou Man :slight_smile: this is helpful…you answered all of my questions