Noteworthy Visa CC deal

This strikes me as a decent Visa CC deal. You are guaranteed 1.5% on all purchases with no maximum. You can achieve 2% under certain circumstances.

The call in the deal for a “deposit account” includes their BBVA checking account. I opened one of those recently for an entirely different purpose, making a tidy profit thereby owing to CC funding. But it’s a free account and $1000/month via ACH should be no hassle whatsoever.

There are a couple of other blah blah sweeteners to this deal, minor stuff. Includes a 0% rate for a while, a $100 bonus, and no annual fee. But the real dough, to me, is in the 2% reward:

BBVA Visa CC rewards deal

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What makes this better than Citi Double Cash?

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I suppose just that it is a separate, independent, line of credit. Regarding the terms alone, I like DC better. But both cards offer a pathway to a 2% across the board reward which, while not the best, is still a respectable reward.

In addition:

I am seeing some opinion out there that rewards cards generally could be on the wane. Not saying “yea” or “nay” to that, but if things turn sour it never hurts to have extra irons in the fire.

I love Citi DC card. Charging everything including farming bills. I pay everything off each month so no interest. I’ve had the card for several months now & I’ve received a couple $500+ checks. That’s nice!

Never got interested in the Reward Cards. They have good interest, but to much trouble.

PenFed card does the same deal (1.5% or 2% with $500 in a checking account). This concept isn’t really anything new, nor noteworthy. Don’t take this personal, just being honest.

I agree. Nothing especially new or noteworthy. I’m a fan of the Fidelity VISA. 2% deposited automatically in your choice of their brokerage or cash management account. Schwab Amex at 1.5% also deposits automatically into a Schwab brokerage account.

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