OK. Which one of you was this?


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In a row? Try not to marry anyone on your way to the parking lot.

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I don’t know if it genius or extraordinarily dumb. For 3 weeks of extra leave, I wouldn’t take the hit on my credit record while having to deal with filing divorce papers 3 times and getting fired from my job for abusing the system and suing them. Good luck getting hired elsewhere after the publicity of being the squeaky wheel. I’m wondering if he’s not looking at way more time off than he bargained for.


Playing the long game


This sounds like mafia / “protection” payments. Not in the same category.

Talk about low rent. Guy buys a $300k house with a mortgage, makes one monthly payment for $1600, and lives there for free for 20 years by screwing around the bank foreclosure/ eviction process in the courts.


boy and I get a hard time here for asking for forgiveness after making on time payments for 20+ years :wink:

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Chase quality programming mints another billionaire


… to find out she had an account at Chase. I dropped my Chase checking/savings/investment accounts when it seemed that one of their requirements for logins was anything but Linux. I’ve still got the Freedom and Freedom unlimited CCs.

A very nice aside to the link you provided was the story of the city manager that sold the city’s water tower. :smile:

Uhm, what’s this now?


The pertinent details from the above link.
Required operating systems

  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Mac OS Yosemite (version 10.10 and higher)

I realize that doesn’t mean their site won’t work with Linux, but as soon as you tell them you’re using Linux, their tech support says “so sorry”. That happened to me about 10 seconds before I said I need to close my account … not crazy though … kept the cc accounts. :smile:

To be fair that page doesn’t list Android or iOS either, but I’m pretty sure they are supported. And MacOS is basically Linux!

And really the OS doesn’t matter if a browser is supported. I don’t think browsers even support any OS-specific functionality. It’s all HTML, CSS and JavaScript that’s interpreted by the browser. The only thing I can think of is system fonts, but that has never been a problem.

When I find myself in a situation like you described (something I’m using is not supported, but in my professional opinion should not matter), I just lie and tell them I’m using something that is supported.

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Did the wife get half his assets each time they divorced?

I doubt if they support a browser on Android or IOS. They will support their app.



Parlay the ongoing eviction moratorium into a rent free AirBnB. Just rent a place for a month and take up residence. This is from 6 months ago, but since the Supreme Court doesn’t matter to the current admin, the eviction ban is continuing anyway…

Maybe the original tenants left to rent a nicer place on Airbnb for a month to upgrade their rent-free residence.


This is why you … have to check airbnb, vrbo, etc to make sure your tenants aren’t subleasing your property :slight_smile:

Or stay really on top of things like this guy … :smile:

I thought about it and it’d be fine for short-term rentals, but it’s not practical for long-term, unless you live next door or know the neighbors or something. Because internet/wifi.

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