Optimal Car Insurance Limits

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the truly rich don’t waste hours grinding out an extra 20 bucks. it’s just money.

Generally, it’s not a good idea to keep assets in someone else’s name. If that person get’s sued, then your assets are gone.


This is why there’s not really a definite answer since it depends primarily on two things that are unique to each driver:

  1. their chance of getting into an at-fault accident that causes more than $20k liability.

  2. the amount of seizable assets they have.

Those define the probability of a loss and how much is potentially at risk in case of such loss. The amount of seizable assets for many people is considerable. If you have an emergency fund, investments not locked into retirement accounts, garnishable income, etc… the break even point then requires a much lower probability of having the at-fault major accident.

And vice versa, if you have little seizable assets, that probability does not need to be ultra low to break even. Taking a step further, if you’re ultra confident in your low probability to have any kind of at-fault accident, then you should also consider self-insurance. That does require you to prove some level of seizable assets but then you further increase your savings by not having any premiums at all.