Other forums with like-minded folks

I was a Fatwallet evangelist, and I wish I participated more while it was in existence. Fragiledeal is a really admirable attempt to recreate and reunify some of the same folks, and I really appreciate the effort of the mods and members of this community.

Does anyone have suggestions for other forums for people like us?

A short list of my own:

Mr. Money Mustache
White coat investor
Reddit personal finance and bogleheads


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Not a social forum, but Doctor of Credit enables civil discourse on deals.

I actually quite like it here.

Bogleheads has “like minded people”, but the moderation is ridiculously strict.
Slickdeals has devolved into a referral business. Whatever makes them the most money gets put on the front page.
DoctorOfCredit I feel like checks a lot of boxes, but they don’t have a proper forum, just comment threads for their posts.

I know our community is small, but I think it’s one of the better options out there.


My first post here, I guess. I’ve been lurking for a bit.

I don’t really object to the moderation at bogleheads, but I strongly reject the forum rules or their standing interpretation. It pointlessly stifles discussion in that excellent forum. I also dislike the echo chamber feeling there. They actually called for moderators there recently, but I didn’t answer even though I have contributed a lot there. I don’t want to be the one enforcing rules I believe are counterproductive. I’ve seen some great posters leave or be forced out due to disputes with the administration.

I’d like to throw out Rational Reminder as a great forum. It’s very small, but I’m really liking it so far. I don’t know how “like minded” it is to here, to be honest.


For what purpose, exactly? What do they have that we don’t?

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I do not have much experience at this forum but I’ve lurked there and it seems OK.


Welcome! Glad you made it over.

Presumably other posters. I mean, forum software isn’t that different these days, but gathering a good group together is the hard part.

I do miss the downvote / red button from FWF tho,


Seems like when FatWallet died, people split into Fragile Deal and Phatwalletforums. I am a member of both but I post a lot more on Phatwalletforums because their subject matter suits me more. To each their own I guess.


If you want reasonable discussions, mostly on current events or more theoretical topics, these guys seem pretty smart and reasonable. Not a member but read it (and the associated substack) from time to time.

Check out the front page of topics and you’ll probably find something of interest (pox, UK new PM, Twitter/Musk, several election topics, a few culture war topics, various ones on political philosophy, etc). My first choice from the current list, to show they can have fun too, is for any Kipling fans -

With apologies

Take up the Fat Man’s burden -
Send forth the biggest breed -
To proselytize your lifestyle
And teach the world to feed.
Go wait in heavy harness
While scrawny folk grow wide.
Erect the golden arches,
And herd them all inside…

Take up the Fat Man’s burden -
The savage wars for peace
You needn’t learn the language
To play the world police;

Continued at the link above.

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I still don’t get why FW didn’t fully move to another forum. I miss the hot deals, help me find a hot deal in particular. eg Lookin for AMC Gift Card deals. Thinking of doing a b’day party there for about $300

IMO Fragile does a good job replacing FWF for the most part…

Gosh I love folks like scripta. I agree this forum is tight and maintains the excellent flair and content of FWF, but there are other perspectives which come from different groups of people. Just asking, that’s all. :grinning:

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What is the subject matter on Phat Wallet ? I remember it being created, but don’t remember if I ever registered.

I’m most interested in the Deals area but they have other topics.


i’m there too. Great alternative to SD which is too much clutter and promoted posts. Other one I like is bensbargains