PalmOne Tungsten T3 Handheld why the high price?

Just sold 2 of mine for $180 and wondering why the rest are so expensive or any amazon seller gotchas?

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Probably waiting for a nostalgic collector or tinkerer to click “buy” on an impulse…

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Yeah that’s what I’m thinking but my buyer bought two of them at 80 each

I’m just checking to see if there’s some kind of Amazon scam before I ship…

Amazon prices for thin-availability items can be all over the map. Just cross-reference with “sold” completed eBay auctions and verify that things are likely normal. Is the buyer one of those listed sellers on Amazon to make you suspicious of them?


It really doesn’t mean anything that 1-2 marketplace sellers list things for ridiculous prices. It doesn’t mean they ever sell them for that or that the price is legit in any way. ONe seller might list one for a ridiculous price, just fishing for a jackpot sale from some crazy person who’s willing to pay $1000 for a obsolete device. Then a 2nd seller with no knowledge of tghe market sees the $1000 price and decides to undercut them down to $800.

Selling for $80 is more legit. There could be some rare demand for them for that kind of price.
My guess is that there might be some people somewhere still using these for some specialized application(s). And then when it breaks down they want another one. Theres no other way to get their specialized application on another device so they really don’t have a choice so they go buy another one.
Or just hobbyiest collectors might buy them.


Yeah in this way I prefer ebay where you don’t play guessing games on prices for auctions. Amazon’s good about not charging listing fees though for thinly traded things that might sit for a while (this case)

Looking at ebay listings are higher too. How do I check historically sold?

On the sidebar where you can pick how you filter results, there is a checkbox for “Completed Listings” and a separate checkbox for “Sold Listings”

“Completed” is interesting to see what things DID NOT sell, and ran full course.
“Sold” is obviously useful for seeing what price things actually finish at