Passive Income ideas for the 8-5 crew

I’m too drained to uber/lyft after work, what are some other ideas ?


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I don’t think passive means what you think it means.


Beer taster?
But to be truly passive, maybe a sleep study volunteer.

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Vending Machines. For condoms. And other assorted lubricants.


Mattress tester.


High yield bonds

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Purchase cash flow positive real estate.

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I actually do this several times a week. It’s not a glorious job as it sounds. This week we had to drink “punished” beer that was stored in a 90 degree trailer for 72 hours. There is a lot of interest in trying to increase expiration dates on beer currently which mean drinking out of age beer.

Now that backpage has been seized, maybe solicit hookers? You can hire assistants to do all the pimp slapping and money counting.

On a serious note, I consider passive income as doing minimal amount of work and the heavy lifting done by your money. With that said, I think in this low interest rate environment, you’re down high dividend paying stocks, and/or crowdfunding business and real estate deals.

Yikes! I did it twice a month for a year, and although there was an occasional yuck, nothing like what you’re talking about. They would have had to quadruple the pay for me come back after one of those.