Payment Methods That Are *NOT* PayPal and Are Unwoke or Anti-Woke

This week’s issue of a newsletter I get includes the following:

We all saw how Paypal attempted to fine users $2,500 for disagreeing with the woke agenda. The radical leftwing company has backed off for now, but we know how they work. Their punitive censorship policies will return when opportunity strikes. That’s why no sane, patriotic American can remain on Paypal. Thankfully, there are a few alternatives:

It then mentions
Revere Payments,
AlignPay and
Parallel Economy.

I’m not familiar with anything except PayPal and (yikes!) Ca$hApp. Anyone have experience with these or any others?

ETA: PayPal continues to threaten

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Running list. Please place new items above these with date added.

2022-10-13 Revere Payments
2022-10-13 GabPay
2022-10-13 AlignPay
2022-10-13 Parallel Economy

It would help if you would specify what uses you have for Paypal. I opened an account many years ago to pay for purchases on eBay but now I see that I can simply pay with a credit card. Here are the payment methods that eBay accepts.

I think I will cancel my account. Or at least allow them to pay me 15 bucks to keep it open


Why is misinformation = woke agenda?

Also while PayPal objectively sucks, I really doubt that this fine would survive legal challenges. Also you’re not supposed to keep money in your PayPal account :slight_smile:

Because it’s misinformation as defined by them. Their past history indicates a left leaning agenda which means misinformation to them mean facts, or free speech, to many of us.


I’ve never heard of any of these, but what about crypto? A few newsletters/ blogs I saw that knew they’d get kicked off for having the wrong politics didn’t even bother offering to take PayPal. They just offered check/cash/crypto for donations.

Meanwhile regarding PayPal, they’ve sucked forever and are clearly planning to suck more. Today it’s satire…


“Here are some alternative payment services that promote freedom, reject censorship, and/or have privacy-preserving features:”