Peacock Premium (no ads) $20 per year

I am curious what you mean by this (bolded). Care to elaborate?

Glad that the amazon fire box is working well for you. I tried a firestick but it was years ago.

Back in the day, there was no youtube app on amazon fire sticks, and no amazon app on chromecasts. So the roku looked like it made the most sense. Amazon and Google came to some sort of agreement eventually (I think in 2019) and then there was no real advantage for roku anymore, but I always thought roku might be the better bet considering they were the first to have all apps. Then when they almost lost youtube as recently as last year, i realized that all devices are inherently susceptible to manufacturer disputes and now i just stick with the one that i think has the best combination of functionality and price. to me, that has been amazon devices thanks to all their discounts.


The black friday/cyber monday deal for Peacock is $0.99/month for 12 months. Looks like I overpaid when I went for this deal.

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Maybe this inflation thing is transitory. :rofl:

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