Peacock Premium (no ads) $20 per year

This may be worth it to someone.

Peacock premium is NBC’s ad-free service, and you can get it for $20 annually, if you sign up in September. This link goes to mymoneyblog which covers more of the details, but there don’t appear to be any big gotcha’s.


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Peacock Premium is the one with ads.

Peacock Premium Plus is the ad free.


Stream 80,000+ hours of great entertainment, now at an even better price.

  • Tons of Hit Shows & Originals
  • New & Hit Films
  • LIVE Sports & Events


Premium Plus

Everything you get with Premium, plus:

  • No Ads**
  • Download & Watch Select Titles Offline



Oops! Fooled my marketing-speak … AGAIN!

I’d hate to think what the non-Premium vesrion of Peacock would be.


My wife loves it. The ads don’t seem to be too intrusive. She doesn’t care about newer NBC shows or sports. Her favorite show to watch while doing dishes is Murder She Wrote and all the seasons are on the non-premium free version. I’m considering buying this deal for her because I assume that Peacock will eventually take half of the seasons off the free version. Or drop the free version altogether (I think they are the last big name streaming service that even offers a free version).

Peacock regular (ads galore) comes for free (included in Comcast bundle) since the beginning of the Pandemic. Crappy NBC shows, but I did watch EVERY Columbo episode for the 7 years it was on NBC. Can’t beat that show. (90% of the content is just crappy shows and NBC series of yesteryear) and very bad movies that are made for Peacock. if they took it away, I would not care. if they want to charge me, it’s history. Pluss the remote is mainly disabled and quite hard to figure out how to work it with Peacock. Not intuitive at all. Netflix (also free so far on Comcast) has a great interface and the remote actually works as it should. i spend most of my leisure time reading books and newspapers!!

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@meed18 You might check out Friendly TV.

It has at least 2 “channels” with Murder She wrote, CSI, and a buttload of old crime tv shows. Kojak is AWESOME for those who don’t know :slight_smile:

I find the service is good and has a good mix of channels. Something for my wife but plenty of other stuff for me too. Seems kid friendly too. Lifetime is on there and it veered off into non-family friendly in my view years ago.

Some channel info is copied here:

40+ Live TV Channels

Your favorite channels, and even more of the shows you love, with A&E, The HISTORY Channel, all 3 Hallmark Channels, INSP, UPtv, The Weather Channel, and more.


Channel listing is better here.

Hallmark Channel
The HISTORY Channel
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
Lifetime Movie Network
The Weather Channel
Hallmark Drama
Great American Family
Outdoor Channel
Dove Channel
Great American Living
Military HISTORY
World Fishing Network
Sportsman Channel
Local Now
Recipe (dot) TV
Dove Kids
Hallmark Movies Now
Heartland TV
Heroes & Icons
Start TV
Dove Family Movies
Crime & Investigation

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If you’ve got Chase CC’s, you may have a 10 off 20 offer.


Just checked and I have a $3 off. Better than $10 off $20 since it’s $19.99!
Thanks for the heads up.

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Paramount+ has stuff available for free. There may be a free account option, but Peacock forces you to create an account in order to watch anything at all.

Murder She Wrote is also available on the free Roku channel.

I don’t think this is correct as of right now. If so, can you link to how to watch stuff for free on Paramount+?

I totally forgot there is actually a Free version of Peacock below their Premium levels. We have Comcast internet so I’ve always gotten the premium tier for free included w/ Comcast.

Peacock does get some big name first run movies. Jurasic Wolrd Dominion, Black Phone and The Bad Guys are the latest all just out of theatres the past 1-2 months.

I have the Paramount+ app on our roku. It gives a sign up, sign in, and watch for free options.

Although looking through it, the free options are very, very sparse.


That must be something built into the Roku because I can’t find that option on their website.

You should get a roku :slight_smile:

I have been using them since the first model so I am a bit biased.

BUT BUT BUT they work great!


I was considering Roku a while back after having only base model Fire TV sticks for years and not liking their limitations. But after seeing the offerings on the Amazon App Store expand over the years, and seeing that Roku was just as susceptible to manufacturer disputes as Amazon and Google, I went all in on the Amazon ecosystem. Now I have a higher end Fire TV Cube hooked up to our 1 year old Samsung 4K TV. I can’t foresee a Roku purchase anytime in the future at this point.

I currently have 1 year of Paramount+ free with T-Mobile and it looks like when that runs out, I can get it free with Walmart+ too. So definitely not worth buying a Roku just for that. But I am sure they work as well or better than the Amazon comparable models. Just doesn’t make sense for us to switch.

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That’s the biggest thing - they all serve the same purpose, and all do so in generally the same way. We have Rokus (5 now, I believe), mostly just for the functional consistency after I bought a TV years ago that happened to have Roku installed. It’s brand loyalty out of convenience, not because I think they’re “the bestest ever”. Although Rokus are pretty great.

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Yeah. I’ve used Roku, FireTV and Google streaming boxes/dongles. All do the same thing. The interfaces differ though and I think thats often the biggest difference.

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