PenFed 5/5 ARM reset

I have a 5/5 ARM with PenFed that is due to reset in March 2021. I was curious to know if anyone had any recent experience with PenFed offering a good deal around the reset date.

It used to be they would offer you something to lock in before the reset so you do not refinance. I can’t see any evidence they give ARMs anymore, so I am curious as to anyone’s recent experience with them.



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I also have a 5/5 and have been wondering about the future also. The good news is that your reset could be to index + 2%. Looks likely to go to 2.5% as a no cost refi. I think that is a good deal.

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Try this link. It was what I used back when I had an ARM there. No idea if it is still active.

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I know it’s not PenFed but my NFCU 5/5 just reset and they did not offer anything. Just a few letters in the months leading up to the reset. Then payment went down 10-15% 9/1/20 and all is well.

$0 cost refinance works for me.


Glad to see you retracted your post. A simple google, or checking out their site, would show they do in fact offer 5/5 ARMs.