Pizza Hut - 3 topping - $6


Doesn’t work at all locations, FYI.

It’s worked in my location for a couple years now. But, even ordering ‘extra sauce’ as one of the toppings, it’s pathetic how far PH has gone down.


Figure I’d give an update. It seems PH has given each store the ability to effectively kill the above deal. My local PH has recently added a $2.99 “just because” fee when I use the code. The “error” says I didn’t add the correct # of toppings. I’ve played with 3, no double topping, 2 total toppings, etc…ALWAYS the $3 bump. I tried 3 other zip codes I have used the code previously and have found it has ranged all over. From $0.00 “just b/c” fee to $1.99 (both in Iowa) to $3 in my area.

So now it is Extremely YMMV

We have the 50 cents mandatory carry-out fee in my market per order.