Places that sell gift cards of <$1?

Amazon is the only one I can think of … any others?

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If the goal is small dollar purchases (I’m assuming that’s your angle) why not just pump $.20 in gas?

weird situation where i have a limited-merchant gift card (from verizon) that has a less than $1 balance. had a hard time figuring out how to liquidate it because no one on the merchant list does <$1 gc or will split payments across cards.

i was wrong anyway, amazon min gift card is $1. so i doubt there’s anywhere that will do it.

ah well gonna take a small L on this one

Go to your local grocery store and swipe it. Most grocery stores are set up to query the card balance and auto drain it.


min reload is $0.50.


if you have sam’s club/walmart/costco nearby, just use up the <$1 balance on a purchase. fwiw, it’s easier if it’s a visa

(i’ve crammed upto 5 GCs onto 1 walmart GC to use at sam’sclub later sometimes, but usually I just use the card at sam’s club (i already used up $1500 at the sam’s club for the quarter) costco also has allowed me to use up whatever balance on the card. You just need to make sure the charge is a partial and whatnot

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Is the time and effort of starting this thread all about saving 75 cents or am I missing something here? (Maybe there are hundreds of these small losses?)