Planters Deluxe Lightly Salted Mixed Nuts, 15.25 Oz Canister $3.93 @ Jet

Planters Deluxe Lightly Salted Mixed Nuts, 15.25 Oz Canister $3.93 @ Jet

Minimum 2
Free shipping over $35
Walmart price $9.78
Even with a shipping charge, it’s almost 1/2 price of other retailers. Note: there’s a slim chance it’s a typo. In that case, I recommend a screen capture. Jet will most likely honor the price after a quick phone call. They have done this for me in the past.

Good Luck


Awesome deal, thanks OP. BTW, there is a limit of 10 per order.

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I got them for $3.73 each for 10 this is such a great deal!

Those who’ll order this may go to your portal of choice to get add’l cashback. Jet is also offering 5% CB on purchases until Oct 15 IINM; this can be redeemed as a coupon sometime later on your next purchase. CBs are just added bonus to me, the sale price is unbeatable.

Thanks again, OP.

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I got the nuts today. They were the correct ones and the correct size. The expiration date stamped on the bottom is: August 30, 2019.

I don’t think I’ll be sharing this deal with SD. That will most likely kill it pretty quickly. What do you guyz think ?

Edit: I still think their price is a typo. Walmart sells this for $9.78 and most retailers get even more. Maybe Jet hasn’t found out they’re selling it for the wrong price. (yet)

If you don’t want to order and eat 9 containers, give some to friends, relatives and co-workers as a gift.

Thanks for this. Just ordered 4 cans, couldn’t see myself eating 9 anytime soon. Really appreciate @blueribb sharing the best by date.

They are out of stock now


Mine shipped in a 6’ x 2’ by 1’ box. It looked like something you’d ship a snowboard in.