Please help me to log in from a different computrer

From a different computer. I was asked to log in but it kept asking me for my user name and password and kept rejecting it I may have it written down wrong.

Do I need to change/update my password or what? How do I do that.

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If it’s rejecting your current password, I’d say you need to change it. Although I’m not sure which OS/browser you use, mine shows the option to reset my password on the login window.


My bad. :crazy_face:

I didn’t have my bookmark and went to Fragile Deals instead of Fragile Deal.

All good now.

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I’m glad it wasn’t anything serious.

Not to be a nanny, but you should probably change your password since you probably entered it repeatedly at fragiledeals. Although this isn’t a bank or brokerage site (that I know of), it still is good practice to not let anyone take over the very valuable @Treffen id. :slight_smile:

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