Poll: How many Presidents?

We have a new President today. They come and they go, and the President often as not sets the tone for our country while in office and impacts our lives.

The number of Presidents you have experienced depends on when you were born or when you first entered the country. To make voting a little easier I am including, for each number, the name of the President who was in office at the time counting was begun:

  • 2 (Trump)
  • 3 (Obama)
  • 4 (GW Bush)
  • 5 (Clinton)
  • 6 (GHW Bush)
  • 7 (Reagan)
  • 8 (Carter)
  • 9 (Ford)
  • 10 (Nixon)
  • 11 (Johnson)
  • 12 (Kennedy)
  • 14 (Eisenhower)
  • 15 (Truman)
  • 16 (FDR)
  • 17 (Hoover)
  • 18 (Coolidge)
  • 19 (Harding)
  • 20 (Wilson)

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For example if you were born, or if you entered the country, in 1986 you have experienced seven Presidents and you would vote for

7 (Reagan)

There are special situations which will impact the votes of very few of you:

If you were born on January 20th, or on a day when there were two Presidents, you will have to vote according to the time of day you were born.

Note that inauguration day moved to January 20th in 1937.

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If anyone voted in Woody’s election, I’ll buy you a steak dinner. You will probably want it liquefied and emulsified with Gerber’s prunes, but that part is on you. :smile:

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And Shin, congrats on a very long life. :thinking:

Thanks. It surely beats the alternative. :rofl:

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Interesting that Americans apparently gave up engagement in sexual intercourse during the terms of Kennedy, Ford, and Truman. Those presidencies produced zero FragileDealers, at least according to voting so far.

There is never a dull moment in this life.


The poll has a typo. It jumps from 12 to 14 between Kennedy and Eisenhower


Excellent catch, meed18! Thanks. Do not know how that got past me.

Wish I could fix the error. But the poll is sadly locked and cannot be repaired…