Poll: Vote now in this race to the bottom

Both New York and California are one party states. Governors in both states are nevertheless currently under withering fire. Which Governor will be booted out of office first?

  • Governor Cuomo will be forced from office before Governor Newsom
  • Governor Newsom will be forced from office before Governor Cuomo
  • Neither Governor will be forced from office. Both will survive and will complete their terms.

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To help you with your vote, this news article is only a few minutes old:

Reports: NY officials altered count of nursing home deaths

Those mutually confirming reports are from the Wall Street Journal and from the New York Times.

It’s the latest blow for Cuomo, who’s been besieged by a one-two punch of scandals involving his handling of nursing home deaths and accusations that he made lewd comments and inappropriately touched two former aides and a woman that he met at a wedding he officiated.

Appointed aides storm the Capitol after being directed to storm the Capitol, beat police officers with riot shields. “Phony witch hunt impeachment!!!”

Aides remove some numbers from draft report, leaving a factually accurate report (that is arguably misleading),. “IMPEACH!”


Voters here so far apparently believe Governor Newsom will be OK.

I have no opinion to offer on Newsom. That situation is too far away from me. I don’t have the details.

Cuomo’s tribulations are much more in the news now. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with him. He remains quite popular with many NY Democrats, which tells you more about them than Cuomo. :wink:

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Both will likely be fine for remaining till the end of their terms. Politicians routinely get away with way more than normal citizens. In a normal company, HR would have fired Cuomo for cause already for the sexual harassment reported. Even if these were the only issues with Cuomo’s record but his management of the pandemic has been pretty rocky to be generous.

Now getting re-elected should be a real litmus test of how morally corrupt the system is. Naively, I’d think that they both should have no chance unless they run unopposed. But cynically, I would not be surprised if voters did not punish them and just rubber stamped their ballots as usual.

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Me too, me too!


Wow! Two more for Cuomo! So we’re now up to, what is it, five women?

What a dirtbag Cuomo is.

But remember, and this is so important, all these instances happened when Cuomo was Governor of the State of New York. He was in office, in a position of power and, most importantly, public trust.

Cuomo was taking personal advantage of the fact voters had elevated him to high office. So his transgressions were not merely against all these women. He was also spitting in the eyes of the voters who elected him to office.

Calls for Cuomo’s resignation should by now be legion. But such calls by the relatively few Republicans left in the State of New York are meaningless. Instead this is a test of the integrity of every New York Democrat.

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Not just a nasty work environment towards women, it seems…


That sounds fair to me. You cannot claim higher moral ground if you cry wolf about how Trump is a dirtbag because of his affairs, his demeaning women by talking about grabbing them by you know what, paying off porn stars, etc. and then leave someone like Cuomo who appears to have been a serial sexual harasser for years. That’d be quite the convenient selective outrage. Both need to be out of any public office forever.

I’ve no doubt Trump is guilty of all those things. He was especially off the reservation during the interval during which Melania was pregnant with Barron, which was back later in 2005 and early in 2006. I’m less aware of allegations against him of sexual improprieties since circa 2012.

But most importantly, I know of no such allegations against Trump since 2015 when he became a political figure, and certainly none when he was in office serving as our President starting early in 2017.

What the heck, JFK cheated on Jackie with Marilyn Monroe, while he was in office. This was unlike Trump, who maintained the trust of the American people during the time he was serving us as our elected leader.

Trump did not live up to that standard when he was a private citizen, and that certainly is not a good look. Trump was not a choir boy. But once the American people invested their trust in him, Trump met the standard of a person elected to high office in our country, whereas Cuomo and so many others, including Biden, failed to do so.

How would we know?! Give it a couple of years…

Seriously? You simply CANNOT be serious.

Trump could not make a telephone call without surveillance. He could not go to the bathroom without the press being all over his business. They had the long knives out for five years. They remain out.

Trust me, if Trump had done anything whatsoever inappropriate with women, we would already know. The news would have been out within a day. Trump was so hated by so many people that someone would have spilled the beans pronto had he strayed. Nothing could be more obvious.


Are you kidding? As much as he has done for abortion rights, he should be given a pass. Don’t forget the Nina Burleigh rule.

Let me take for a moment the generous side of the lonely NY governor. I have not kept up with all the allegations, but last time I checked, it seemed he was basically making some awkward small talk to younger ladies working for him in the state government letting them know he was interested in them romantically. Many of them were not, and either told him so or got transferred elsewhere to not work around him or what not.

Yes this is sleazy, and looks worse when he’s much older and somehow their boss, if in a fairly removed, indirect way.

However, it is not, as far as I know, illegal for people working in NY state government to date. Should therefore it be a crime that he ask them if they would consider it? Is it only a crime (sexual harassment) if they say no? If he’s not touching them inappropriately and takes “no” for an answer, what more do you want? I can’t exactly relate to the lady being awkwardly propositioned by someone they have no interest in, so maybe I’m missing the point.

One view would be that it should not be allowed to have any romantic involvement with anyone at your work. If so, make that a law and have people respect it. If not, perhaps it would make sense to draw a line between “sexual harassment” and being asked out and declining, the latter of which seems to trivialize the former which I imagine could be a fair bit more offensive.


You hit the nail on the head. The only reason that sexual harassment is the new boogeyman for Cuomo is because he bungled covid so badly and can no longer escape it that he is no longer useful to the Democrats. They see him as a liability behind closed doors because of covid, but don’t want to admit it because all they did was praise him for his covid response last year. So how do they end his political career - weak “me too” allegations. It’s so transparent.

Well, there are charges of uninvited kissing and actual photos of Cuomo holding the head of one young lady with his hands on either side.

Let’s face fact: the poor guy is horny as hell since his girlfriend moved out. He is an old guy doing the best he can in a difficult (for him) situation. I suppose he could try hiring a hooker, but the bitter lesson of Eliot Spitzer looms.


Yes, I guess so, although those he denied, unlike the awkward conversations. I think he had his arm around some woman at a wedding reception, which seems more like a social occasion and I’m not sure if she was one of the non-work related women who ran into his unwanted attentions. I would certainly give people a lot more leeway for social behavior at a social function than a workplace.

Anyway, I agree he’s missing his old girlfriend. Carlos Danger he’s not.

Or anyone who you could possibly control via promotion/demotion/ceiling/transfer. That would eliminate people like Slick and Mario’s son from “dating” all federal or state personnel, respectively.

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The “illegal” part I don’t know. However, at companies I’ve worked for there are written policies against dating people down below -not just subordinates- if you’re a manager. In fact, a couple of CEO’s in high tech were forced to resign for having consensual relationships with women in the corporation. See LRCX and INTC.