Poorly timed investment?

Or was it actually well-timed… they get paid enough to build a brand new house now? (eventually…)

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A home is not an investment! :nerd_face:

At least their other possessions probably weren’t in there yet.

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They were, it was in the thread. I’d say at least they possibly (but probably not) had an inventory of things from moving. And best-case scenario have replacement coverage insurance.

That sucks. I didn’t read the thread, obv, I hate reddit and who’s got the time anyway :grinning:

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Two silver linings, then. They get to build their dream home from a blank slate instead of dealing with the little things that they didn’t like about their purchase.

They also get to dump all that baggage they’ve been carrying around. The older you get, the more you’ve got, so any time that you dump it and start all over, yippee! :slight_smile:

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Generously insured, I hope.

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