Possible uses for this commercial property?

Had a similar post on Fat Wallet not too long ago. Found this property for sale at auction: http://www.ajbillig.com/auctions/upcoming-auctions/commercial-industrial/BWI-Region-1083-Dorsey-Road-2018-02-08?utm_source=Upcoming+Auctions&utm_campaign=b65421a3d3-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_02_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_cc732202f1-b65421a3d3-6781625

It’s not a foreclosure so I assume the seller has to approve the sale price and the “suggested” opening bid is $150,000. Commercial properties under half a million in this area are hard to find, especially free standing ones. At just 8,000 sf I’m wondering what it could be used for, and then, what it could be rented for. There is a used car lot next door but from what I understand the county makes it nearly impossible to open a new one. Gas station? Car repair? Fast food?

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I remember the thread on fw you made… What did that one list for and what did it end up selling for?

Never checked back on it.

8,000 sq ft is plenty big for a variety of uses.

C1 zoning. Page 63: http://www.aacounty.org/our-county/county-code/forms-and-publications/Article18.pdf not a hell of a lot really. And it’s been listed for $300K at: http://klnbretail.propertycapsule.com/properties/1083dorseyroad/#overview with no takers. Over priced?

A corner store on that corner lot? With or without gas?

Yes but why hasn’t anyone bought it yet? Wouldn’t an Exxon, Shell, Texaco have jumped on it by now?

Google map it and you can see a 7-eleven next door to that lot.

Maybe people don’t think theres enough business for gas/convenience to have 2 of em right next to each other.

Also it looks like the existing structure was previously a gas station. So the failed business was a gas station.

Also possible the existing business went under long ago because they couldn’t spend the $500k or whatever it would ccost to replace the old gas tanks.


And the property may come along with the liability of old unusable gas tanks still underground…

Says, All underground storage tanks (USTs) have been removed and the site has been cleared by the Maryland Department of the Environment. For a copy of an Environmental Assessment, prepared by Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates, Inc., dated March 30, 2010, please complete and return the Waiver and Confidentiality Agreement.


OK yeah if I’d read the whole page I"d have seen that. So its not that then.

Still the site of a failed gas station next to a 7-eleven may not be a good site for a gas station or convenience store

8,000 sq ft is the total lot, not the building size.

I know.

Its not a huge lot but thats big enough for a variety of uses. For example the gas station that was previously operating there. And anything in that ballpark of size.

Looking at the lot you can see that theres not much parking available.