(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Can we remove this “feature”? I am seeing more and more of this “(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)” nonsense. It disrupts the flow of a thread in my opinion. It is also used by some members, it seems, to say something but not let it be known for more than a short period of time.


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You don’t want anyone to be able to edit their posts? Or you don’t want to know what has been edited/deleted?

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OK, so I was able to withdraw my reply to glitch99 above. I guess I cannot delete the first post…

My reply to @glitch99 was:

I think edits are fine. I am only bothered by the withdraw feature. I am not even sure how one does that… For example, on this post, if I try to click the delete option, it tells me I do not have permission to do so.

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See it’s super annoying!


The posts that I read with the most interest are the ones the author later regretted posting.

I am guessing that deleted posts are kept for some time since the person who wrote the post that is being replied to may get the reply via email, and then be befuddled if the reply has since disappeared.

I agree that it is annoying. Not sure what the best solution is other than having a practice of updating a post with “I’m sorry I posted this” rather than delete it. But then it lives on in perpetuity.

Sorry for the directly preceding deleted comment >:). I actually think the feature is potentially useful because there are people in forums who will go through and delete things they’ve posted throughout a help thread and then it’s useless. However, it looks like you can only flag for preselected “violation” things. But there is a text entry field whereone could say it’s part of the discussion and shouldn’t be allowed to be removed.

I guess if temporary clutter is the issue, maybe the question of whether or not mods have needed to force restore comments through the feature ever has occurred yet. I’d suspect the feature’s never actually been used, but I’m also often wrong on wild assumptions.

I still hate this “feature”. That is all.

And I, sometimes being short on thought on long on fast fingers, appreciate it. :slight_smile:


OK, you guys win…:slight_smile:

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