Pre-rigged texas rig

I’m not sure how many fisherman are here, but this isn’t the worst deal I’ve seen. (yeah, marketing was not my major).

If you are just learning this is not a bad deal.

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Yes, big fisherman, & hunting fans.

Not so much anymore. Kids (2 boys) still make their yearly trip out of San Diego, deep out of Mexico waters. They stay gone 7-10 days. Come home with a ton of wonderful fish, Tuna + dozens of other kinds.

We all used to go up the coast of southern Oregon for 3-4 days of salmon fishing Used the old standby “pink lady”, largest catch 28 pd & 34 pd salmon. Loved it!

For hunting, oldest son & grandson, just got his young Lab professionally trained. Came home last week with 5 pheasants. My husband has given up trying any longer, bad legs.

That Perfect Worm Rig would probably work. Fishing is a great sport to start young kids.
Off topic but I watched an older movie last night. "A River Runs Though It"

Yes, my hunting days are over, too. And my freshwater fishing is down to less than a dozen times a year.

These hooks are for bass fishing, frequently in cover. They are like a jig head, but with hooks shaped for 7" - 12" artificial worms. If you are new to bass fishing and don’t yet feel confident in how to configure a Texas rig, this will suffice until you do.

As for your salmon story, I’ve only caught two, and that was enough for me. Almost burnt down my reel. I am amazed, however, at the size of the hooks. They are tiny.