Prime deal: Echo 2nd gen $49.99, Dot $24.99 Dot 3rd gen; Stack 25% trade-in discount

Good price today for prime members on Echo and Dot. If you have an old Echo or Dot to trade-in in, then you get an additional 25% on top of this daily deal, and of course what they give you for the trade-in ($25 and $5, respectively, I think).

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I have an old dot that I rarely use, but I’m starting to use more now. I have a logitech harmony hub being shipped right now, so I might start talking to things more after that gets set up. Without me having to google, any idea what’s better on the new dot vs. the old dot?

I wouldn’t pay to upgrade Dot 2 to Dot 3, if that’s what you are asking. Unless the cosmetics (black plastic vs. fabric in colors) was part of the equation. The Dot 3 is slightly bigger, as you can see in the side by side here.

The biggest difference is in sound quality. Most people are very happy with the Dot 3 because it has a fuller sound with lots of bass. I’m in the minority opinion on that since I mostly listen to voice on the Dot, and the older one is brighter and crisper sound. For music, though, I can see Dot 3 is better.


Cool, thanks.

After thinking about it, it makes more sense just to keep the old one to have in another room than to trade it in for $5. That’s such a dinky amount of money.

Well yes, but it also triggers a 25% discount. I traded in an old Dot to get a new Echo.

As does Amazon. :wink:


Poor guys… I keep it next to the toilet.

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The echo is the one with the good speaker?

I hesitate to answer since it is a matter of opinion, but of the Amazon Alexa products, the Echo has the fullest sound. Some prefer the first gen over the second. Go into it with the attitude that it is a personal assistant that can also play music. Not the other way around.

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[25% trade-in discount] also works with old speakers etc. try typing in the search box.

Glad I held off on this. I just did my 6-month call to “cancel” my SiriusXM subscription to get a better rate.

I have the all-access plan right now which includes my car radio, app streaming, and amazon device streaming. I only use the app and amazon devices every once and a while, so I was going to downgrade to the plan where it only worked in my car, no streaming or amazon devices. I was aiming for this deal:
5 months for $25

But then she offered me the same deal I got last time, 6 months for $50 for my car radio AND streaming + Amazon devices. Plus they gave me a free 3rd generation Echo Dot. Essentially I got this deal even though I’m not a new subscriber:
$8.33 for 6 months + free Echo Dot

Not sure if I’m going to gift the Dot, sell it, or link it up permanently to the TV. My old one is mostly used for streaming music to the bluetooth speaker built into our shower fan.