Pulling up old Fatwallet content (Post requests for threads and tips here)

@MagicLoogies asked for how I have been pulling up data from FW. Here’s my method:

Let’s say I want to find a crown vic thread. I will try to find the most obscure thing I remember from the thread and search for that. Or I might use a very specific description of the topic.

Search on Bing and restrict the search to FatWallet - Thank you!.
“bubble king site:www.fatwallet.com/forums/finance” is the search string.

Restrict the time to show topics before a certain date.

For the thread I’m looking for right click the title and select “copy link location”

Go to www.archive.org and paste the thread into the wayback machine at the top of the page.

Find a date that has a cached copy and click on that date, the page will display.


Note: Archive.org is slow.


Please put requests in here.

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Awesome! Thank you!

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It’s killing me not knowing where Gause44 is living now.


Hopefully the mods here will decide we can just host the old FWF content and then we won’t have to do this stuff. I don’t know where we are in that process.


I’m having a hard time finding a post related to doing multiple IRA’s in inversely correlated investments and undoing all contributions except the biggest winner, with the main goal to get the most money into an IRA year to year.

I remember the post using the term “brackets”, but I wasn’t sure if it was related to football or basketball, or something else. I thought it was a tripleb post, but I couldn’t find it searching history, maybe an alias?

For me it was the earliest record of the ira horserace popularlized by madfientist and I was hoping someone else had better memory of it.

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Either of these?




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Do note that IRA recharacterization, either of a Roth conversion from a traditional IRA or of a Roth contribution to a traditional contribution, are slated for being removed under the new tax reform bill.


Requesting the old heavy hitter megathreads that we used to post in the Finance forum to discuss our MS achievements (and others) for a calendar year.

I think I’ve posted in at least one of those, so should be able to retrieve my ID if I can go thru them!

Found one (and retrieved my username too)


Awesome. Welcome back :+1:


There was a thread about how someone couldn’t get their diagnostic tests covered by their health insurance, so they got a big bill. But then they were able to get the bill down after negotiating with the lab. Any help appreciated.

Around when Meed? the past year, or way way back?

This one sticks out in my mind.

Edit: The guide in the OP doesn’t work anymore, looks like Bing/Google purged the old FW cache.

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Wow, you’re a mind reader @Stubtify! That was exactly what I was looking for.

A friend just posted on facebook that her insurer is denying her genetic testing for breast cancer and she’s getting billed ~$8,000 The doc figured that with family history of 5 people having breast cancer, she would be covered. I’m going to send her the link so she can see how some other people that posted replies handled their similar situations.


No problem. Best of luck to your friend.

There really ought to be a “you can’t bill more than x % over usual and customary if the customer is insured” rule. Even if the insurer later denies the claim. The negotiated rate ought to stick no matter what.

Now it is my turn… Does anyone remember a thread where the guy wanted a way to prove all negotiations that were being verbally extended to him?

He wanted to wear a hat with a camera and a sign that said “you’re being recorded” or something equally crazy. He was totally serious.