Quicken without giving ID/Password online

Does any one has an excel template for helping manage a few accounts?
Quicken did an updated and force me to logon quicken online now. I am looking for something that I can do manual update myself so I don’t store my data to their server such as quicken/mint. Everything I looked, quicken/mint, Yodlee and etc are all need store data on their servers.

Was going to create a new topic but the forum suggested this thread.

I gave to the login request but noticed that the new Quicken 2018 is now on a subscription model and the price is outrageous. After many years on Quicken I’m finally ready to abandon it for good. The thing is, after I look critically at what I’m using it for, I really don’t need it as badly as in the old days. I haven’t used it for any brokerage or retirement account in a long time so I’m using it as a gloried checkbook and credit card bill tracking system for me. I will still miss it to some degree but nothing but a nice spreadsheet can do it now.

I’ll probably keep using my version 2016 for as long as it can download transactions but wondering if there are alternative for my very simple use as a checkbook and bill tracker/reminder?

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I use spreadsheets for all financial matters. Never thought it was right to give my login credentials to third parties. I realize it takes more effort, but I enjoy it.

Why not just start one from scratch to keep track of the things you want to keep track of?