Random Thoughts

Now that fw is effectively dead, I find that I am getting waaaaaaaay too much work done. This has got to stop.


I know, right? They don’t pay me enough to work.

still not working

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I hate ebate / Runtakan.

hey, where’s the peeve thread?

Day two, still no sight of land.

what’s that retailer with all the cheap cables and what not?

Sad to see the community splitting.


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I’m such a klutz.

Thanks that’s it.

If you just buy a single cable, you are better off on ebay where shipping is usually free.

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I have been so drained from this nice weather. It seems we’re doing so much in these last days/weeks before fall/winter really hit. 80 degrees in NYS in mid-October. Crazy.

will the market self correct soon?

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I got some crazy neighbors. Someone is warning about con-trails.

We’ve been in a dry spell and are finally getting some rain. I don’t like the gloom, but it’s good for the garden.

Speaking of neighbors…Last week a single Sheriff Dept SUV showed up on a Fri night, a well dressed neighbor walked out to meet him and walked the sheriff back to their unit while making small talk. I asked my direct neighbor if he knew about it, he looked me cold in the eyes and said “They could be looking for North Korea sympathizers.”

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GOT my order in for the iPhone X