Rayovac AAA and AA batteries at Home Depot - 13₵ YMMV

Home Depot may have offshored their ad mark-up. My ad showed Rayovac AA & AAA batteries at 40 for $7.88, with a big call-out exclaiming, for the math impaired, “That’s Only 20₵ per battery”. That’s an average low price for the past 12 months, but significantly more than 2019/20 prices.

I was purchasing a couple of things at Home Depot and figured I’d peruse their center aisle display. Lo and behold, here are the batteries for $7.88. Unbeknownst to HD, Rayovac decided to put 60 batteries per package. Thus the price drops to 13₵ per battery.

FYI, these batteries on Amazon may be (or probably are ) refurbs.


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I saw that ad this week too. You definitely lucked out getting the 60 pk for $7.88. Either someone else by me discovered that and bought them out, or there were no 60 pks on sale at my store (or I just missed them since I wasn’t looking for them). It was definitely a mistake that whoever stocked your store allowed the 60 pks to go on the shelf during this sale. I would assume there isn’t much local pricing done at home depot and it is highly computerized somewhere central, so it surprises me that they would ring up for the same price. But mistakes and glitches that aren’t explainable happen all the time, so it’s obviously not out of the realm of possibility.

For instance, several times that I’ve stopped at a Wendy’s on my way to the office, I’ve bought breakfast via the wendy’s app and paid with my wendy’s pay (or whatever they call it) in-app balance. Then a few days later when I went to get breakfast again, my balance was the same, as if my last order never went through. This doesn’t happen every time, but it has happened more than once. Serious glitch if its happening for a lot of folks.

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if you are near a Shoprite store Fri and Sat, they have a digital coupon for 8 pack Rayovac Alkaline AA/AAA for .99 limit 4 packs per Price Plus digital coupon. Need to spend 10.00 additional on this. Plus other great digital coupons with the same 10.00 purchase. .98 for tree Ripe OJ 52.0z. 24 pack Eggland large eggs 1.99. Also, I buy gas gift cards there with (25.00 cards) from Gulf…Valero/ Shell with my BCash preferred 6% back. But this Fri Sat spend 100.00 on gift cards and get 20.00 voucher for next week for free groceries. Same thing for next week but 15.00 voucher. They have done these vouchers for years. Good luck. ill be there around 8:30, grocery stores are empty then

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