RedPack Tomatoes - Cheap at any (reasonable) price


Sometimes a hot deal does not revolve around price. It depends, instead, on quality.

So what brand of tomatoes do you choose when making your homemade spaghetti sauce? And if you’re buying sauce in a glass jar, stop reading this now and just go away. The RedPack tomatoes

  • are numerous; more whole tomatoes, less puree.

  • are carefully peeled. I HATE tomato peel in my spaghetti sauce.

  • are grown in the USA and are of very high quality

I’ll confess to going tomato by tomato and excising, with a sharp knife, the tiny residual stem. No brand of tomatoes I’ve used does not require this operation. This goes quickly and is not unduly time consuming.

Then in the tomatoes go into all the onions and garlic, after which the entire ensemble is mashed with a potato masher. This leaves small chunks of tomato in the sauce, a sought after outcome. I would never take an immersion blender to my spaghetti sauce!!

Anyway, at the heart of all that we have the RedPack whole tomatoes. They are a hot deal at any (reasonable) price. :grinning:


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Fresh from the garden? :slight_smile:

I’ve always found canned tomatos to be disgusting, from taste to texture to appearance to concept.

An interesting approach in the winter. Indoor garden?

OK. So what do you actually use when making spaghetti sauce in, let’s say, January? Or are you eating store bought sauce? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’ve never actually “eaten” a canned tomato per se, right out of the can. They are used in cooking.

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The Italians use them, especially San Marzano. They’d consider it weird to use fresh tomato out of season, even if they could get them year round.

The Costco ones are pretty good.

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In my youth, you made your sauce in the fall, and canned it to use through the winter.

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Cento San Marzano is my family’s go-to canned tomato for homemade sauce. Tuttorosso and Delallo are also good. I’ve never seen a can of RedPack in an Italian-American kitchen.

If you eat pasta and sauce more often than you have time to make sauce, or if you have kids, using jar sauce is inevitable. It stinks compared to a homemade sauce, but jar sauces are much more edible since the days of only Prego and Ragu. They’ve come a long way over the years. That said, I’ve only bought this kind since I discovered it a few years ago:
It’s better tasting than the top shelf brands like Rao’s, Victoria, and Delallo and much cheaper.

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