Reloading Visa Rebate Gift Card For Fun and Profit

I recently received a visa rebate debit card preloaded with a set amount. The debit cart is issued by metabank and says non-reloadable at the bottom right on the back. The card comes with a flyer advertising 5% cash back to the card with select merchants. 5% cashback posts within 10 days. I started to have flashbacks of dollar coins for a moment, but started to wonder if this be churned?

Perhaps I’m not the only person to stumble across this so I’m wondering:

  1. Are there any known back door ways to reload these cards? if not…
  2. I book a prepaid hotel room with another form of payment with some marginal cash back say 1%. Cancel the hotel and load the refund to the rebate card instead of the original form of payment. I just turned my 1% card into a 5% unlimited card at the select merchants which sell items that can be drained using known methods.

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No. Not reloadable.

Vanilla has a reloadable Visa, but every place that I know of where you could reload it has stopped because of widespread fraud.

Have you looked at the list of merchants? The five back cards I know don’t offer 5% back at any places that “sell items that can be drained using known methods”. Unless you’re into reselling clothes from Gap or UA or something.

You’ll have to find a “hotel” willing to do that. My guess is that you won’t have a choice most of the time, because it’ll automatically go back to the original payment method.

First you should get a 2% or 3% everything card. Then, assuming you find a way to do what you propose, figure out if the time and effort is worth the extra 2-3%.


It’ll lock up your rebate card, and you’ll have to jump through a lot of eventually get your money back. Especially if the refund exceeds the value that was initially loaded to the card.

Its a good out-of-the-box idea, but only in theory.