Reselling retailer gift cards for fun and profit

I searched, but could not find an appropriate thread. Please point me to one if I missed it.

For many years, I’ve been buying and reselling gift cards from various retailers. Over time, I’ve developed a number of unique relationships in this field. I have bulk commission rates with a few sites that resell them, but it is far safer and more profitable to sell them directly to businesses. I have unlimited or nearly unlimited buyers for a couple of major brands… Others I either accumulate until I find a one time buyer, or sell on one of the exchanges.

I have competitors who buy and resell a far greater volume, but I am still doing a very respectable amount… Most people here are better off selling through me than selling to the exchanges directly. Unfortunately, the rates are too volatile for me to publish them, if anyone is interested, please PM me - introduce yourself, let me know which brands you are interested in selling, whether one time or ongoing.

Recently I started a WhatsApp group and a Hangouts group, where I post deals for buying discounted GCs - many of them are very short lived, so, again, would not make sense to post them here. Let me know if you’d like to join.


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Unfortunately, I don’t have a way to take advantage of your offer but I really appreciate your making this available to the community. Thank you.

Interested …How do I join?

I am interested in joining the Whatsapp group. How can I join?

You send me a private message introducing yourself?

Email, number for whatsapp group (if that’s your preference) or tell me to add you to hangouts or just to the mailing list.