S.A. Krugerrands on sale - Prices vary but lowest is $1257.44

I assume the price varies constantly, just as does the silver price. These suckers are selling like hotcakes!!:

Link to South African gold

Q: Shin, are you in?

Nope. If I ever buy gold it’s gonna be American gold eagles. But like I said these gold Krugerrands are selling amazingly fast. I take that to mean this is a great buy. So I posted it even though it’s not for me.

Q: Shin, this is another one of those “any year” deals like you had with your silver monster box. Any thoughts?

Apparently the “any year” precious metals cost less. That’s about all I can tell you. Still (in this case) we are talking about one ounce of gold. So I dunno know what is the big deal with the date. It is what it is.

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I’m concerned that you are talking to yourself.

It’s a good price, but probably not good enough for a quick profit.


Holy crap! Approaching $1.5 million worth of these things sold in the last 24 hours!!

Life must be great in Huntington Beach. :laughing:

For anyone buying one of these foreign coins, here is your next step:

Доверяй, но проверяй


How very thoughtful. But if that’s your only concern . . . . congrats, you are in phenomenal shape!:laughing:

Shinobiwon, that leads me to believe that you may have invested in Krona denominated accounts for the high interest rate. Say it ain’t so.

It ain’t so. Honest.

And I’m not going near this gold, either. But so many people disagree with my take!! Judging by the sales here, I mean.


OK, I concede the Krugerrand is an established gold coin and is surely nothing new. It’s clear regardless what I think others find the coin valuable and desirable.

Everyone likes different stuff. These gold Krugerrands are just not my cup of tea. I’m still pretty happy with my American silver eagles, though, and the price is looking amazing this morning. So I’m a happy camper.:wink:

Holy crap they sold 'em out . . . . . very nearly 5000 coins!!!

How’d they do that?

ebay has 175 million users and people were buying in large quantities (purchase history showed people buying 10-20), so it’s not difficult.


Nothing to worry about here. He always talks to himself. We just get to watch and learn from it. :slight_smile: