Sadie's Shawl - Bob Sharples

Just found this YouTube post, placed there by a very kind and tech savvy contributor.

This recording, from 1956, is a fun and lively instrumental which I hope you will enjoy:

Sadie’s Shawl - Bob Sharples 1956

Here my personal back story on this:

I actually bought and enjoyed this record, in vinyl, when it was new. My best friend back then, and for many years thereafter, was a musician. He played with Guy Lombardo in his Royal Canadians orchestra. He also was the lobby pianist for many years thereafter at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. My friend owned a collection of vinyl records numbering in the many hundreds, if not more, collected from the time we were kids.

I’m not a musician and my record collection was quite small. At some point in the 1990’s I gave up on records entirely. I no longer wanted to bother with turntables or record players which struck me at that time as outmoded. So I packed up my small record collection carefully and sent everything en toto to my friend. He had so many records I knew he never would be without the equipment to play mine.

Time passed. While I never missed my vinyl records, I did miss the music I had bought and enjoyed over the earlier years. I wrote to my friend and requested he copy the contents sheet of my record file and send the copy to me. This he did.

I have been working ever since to reassemble my collection, the recordings I had originally bought on vinyl, as mp3s I could play on my computer. And that is how I discovered Sadie’s Shawl on YouTube. :grinning:

Of all my original vinyl records only one still eludes me on the net. Every other recording I have recovered and am once again able to enjoy without help from a turntable or record player.

The missing record? It is called The Rich People of Brooklyn. The artist is Sammy Kaye.

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If you want to buy a copy:

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Sorry, I guess you’re searching for an online video or audio recording.

Thank you, bogalusa, for posting; very kind and thoughtful of you!

Yes, I really am searching for an mp3 or mp4 version of my original collection. I have remained true to my earlier thinking about physical records and own, to this day, no record player or turntable. Admittedly I was impressed by the sweet Technics turntable and sound processing system of that YouTube poster in the OP. The sound he produced thereby seemed to me crisp and enjoyable, and I am most respectful of his approach. Nevertheless, I plan to stick with computers. It is, after all, 2020. :wink:

A fun part for me, as I have recovered my original collection, is that in some instances I forgot how the tunes went. For example when I finally played Sadie’s Shawl again, only in these last several days, I recognized it instantly from all those years ago. But I would not have been able to hum the tune in advance of having heard is once again. I had forgotten it.

Similarly with Rich People of Brooklyn, I have no idea how the tune goes. Heck, I only vaguely remember even the title. But I’m certain if I’m ever able to hear the music again I will recognize it right away.

I acknowledge the overwhelming majority of participants here are already aware of this. But there could be one or two individuals who would benefit, so here comes a “how to”:

If you’re wondering how I capture YouTube items and store them on my own computer, here is a link to the program I use:

Free WinX YouTube downloader

That is the program I used to capture Sadie’s Shawl so I could add it to my collection.

I’m confident there must be other, perhaps even better, programs to grab YouTube audio and video content. But the free WinX YouTube downloader is the one I have been using, and it has worked well for me so far.