Same-day ACH options

Does anyone here use a bank that allows originating same-day ACH with a regular consumer account (not a business one – Googling suggests that most same-day ACH services are only available on business accounts, for additional fee)?

And a related question: did anyone experience or hear of any AA for using Zelle to send money between your own accounts at different banks, both Zelle members so the transfer is almost-real-time? My small tests went through fine, but I’m hesitant to start relying on it for real - but didn’t see it explicitly prohibited.


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We use a community bank, Sandy Spring Bank, to do so. Although their directions indicate that all outgoing wire transfers must be initiated in person, we’ve always completed ours (outgoing or incoming) without visiting a branch.

Requests for an outgoing wire transfer must be originated in person at one of our community offices during lobby hours. You will need to contact the receiving company/organization to obtain their wiring instructions. There are fees to send wires both domestically and internationally. For complete details, please contact our Client Service Center at 800.399.5919 and press 2.

Note that Same-Day ACH service is different than Wire. Here is an example of one bank’s offering:

Not a bank, but Fidelity has same day ACH from their consumer brokerage accounts.


I assume, because you inquired specifically about same-day ACH, that is your sole interest. I do not use such a bank. While I have heard about same-day ACH being much discussed, I’ve not encountered this service personally . . . . . . yet.

When it comes to ACH accomplished quickly, I have contented myself for many years with Alliant’s incredibly reliable overnight ACH service. I use the service constantly and have never experienced a failure to receive or deliver funds within 24 hours. Alliant ACH service is very good. But it is not same-day service.

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I’ve done a few and I’ve reviewed the agreements looking specifically for this – didn’t see anything. I don’t think it’ll be a problem. But there are limits (daily/monthly, may depend on institution), so you won’t be transferring a whole lot.

I’ve done hundreds between WF and Cap1, never any AA.

You’re getting same day out of a personal account at WF?

I highly recommend fidelity. Great support. They offer every service you can imagine, zero fee atm card, over all one of my favorite banks.

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re: “really, must have 15 chars here?” in the title.

Instead of questioning why 15 chars are needed why not make the title more useful and specific to hit the 15 char requirement? E.G., “Any banks that allow originating same-day ACH with a regular consumer account” would be 15+ characters and a more useful title.


I made the mistake about a year ago to use Zelle to attempt to do a same day transfer to BOA for about $3k. It backfired in a spectacular way that ended up getting a fraud alert and locked me out of my account, but that extra bit was because they wanted to send a text message to confirm the transfer and Google Voice was not a provider they supported so I could not get it…

I am not sure if they specifically excluded transfers from accounts that were owned by the same person at different banks under their T&C’s.

I disagree. That wasn’t the only question I had: also, user experiences; also, practical alternatives (e.g. Zelle); etc. I think “Same-day ACH” is a perfectly good title for the thread; what exactly I wanted to know or discuss about it is what the body of the post is for.

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Zelle has saved me a couple times. A couple weeks ago I got a low balance alert while I was on vacation. It actually could have been an overdraft alert, but the payment was still “pending.” (I hadn’t looked recently at when a credit card was being auto-paid) I immediately did a zelle transfer from Wells Fargo into BoA and it cleared before the pending payment did.


Totally with ya! Today (at least I assume) far more people have texting ability than not. But some folks remain who cannot text . . . myself included right alongside you.

Smart operators, for the sake of security, provide a variety of options to contact their customer. Text surely is a viable option. But so are telephone and email.

When text is the only option offered, it is like saying “everyone should have text capability and if you don’t have text, FU”. That is not just arrogant, it is also stupid.

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Looks like “really, must have 15 chars here?” was replaced w/ “options” in the topic/thread title. That said …

There is a wide-range of specificity a title can have. On the low-end, a title can simply be “questions” which would be accurate but not very specific and not very useful. On the higher end, a title can be mention all covered topics and still be accurate while being more specific and more useful. I believe most people here would prefer more specific and useful titles.

Your title could have mentioned “regular consumer accounts” since you’re not looking for info on business accounts. Your title could have mentioned “AA for using Zelle.” Either or both additions would have made your title more useful and not lost any accuracy about the content in the body of your post. Certainly more useful than a quip about the number of required chars.

I think another alternative that could work is using Google Pay with debit cards. Would need two Google accounts with different debit cards in each. Could be a good alternative for transfers to/from banks that are not in Zelle (e.g. Alliant). Should be almost real-time, no fees, $10K limit per week.

I use Zelle to transfer between Citi Bank and Ally, and vice versa. Transfers are always instant after the initial transfer (as long as it takes me to login to Ally after to check the transfer).

I’ve never had any issues violating terms of services, but I only transfer a few hundred dollars, a few times per month.

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Apparently Discover Bank can now send same-day ACH out. Scheduling a transfer in the morning for the same day said that the funds would be withdrawn and delivered on the same day. I was transferring to my Chase account, and sometime in the afternoon the funds showed up there. No idea what the cut-off times are. Scheduling a transfer in the early afternoon says the funds would be delivered the next business day. Interestingly for a future transfer it says that it will take 1 business day, not same-day.


Discover also has Zelle now, though the limit is only $500/day.