Santamedical dual color pulse oximeter - eBay

If you need a good quality pulse oximeter, these are available now on eBay from various sellers at various prices. Mine just came in and I like it.

The current Santamedical “standard” is their newer Generation 2 model. However, that model comes with a higher price tag. This dual color model is still fairly recent. Mine shows a 2020 date. And it costs less than the Generation 2 model. In particular, this dual color oximeter provides you:

  1. Pulse rate
  2. Blood oxygen saturation
  3. Perfusion index
  4. PPG (photoplethysmograph)

There is, in addition, a visible battery condition indicator.

Cost will vary depending on the eBay seller you choose. But you can find these Santamedical dual color pulse oximeters for south of fifteen bucks with free shipping. Search eBay using the following word string:

Santamedical dual color pulse

Here is one such offering. There are a number of others:

Example of Santamedical dual color pulse oximeter offering

In case you’re wondering and because it is not shown,


this oximeter comes with a long instruction sheet.

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I want one that records, but doesn’t need a virtual machine running windows XP with some legacy software and drivers just to read the data off it. Ghetto sleep study.

You may want to check out Contec. I’ve got the one that you don’t want (running on XP), and I’ve been pretty happy with it after one year of 4+ uses per week. I only use it for a couple of hours at a time while exercising. When I start waking up at night, I’ll probably use it in the way that you describe.

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Thanks. I see there are a lot of better ones out now. Many Bluetooth to a phone app.