Schwab Investor Card American Express $200 signup/spending bonus offer through 12/14/2017

“Earn a $200 Card Statement Credit after spending $2,000 in purchases on your Schwab Investor Card® from American Express in the first three months of Card Membership. Offer ends 12/14/17.†”

I signed up for the card earlier this year with different bonus terms. I automatically got the bonus with no trouble or chasing it down.


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Do you actually need a Schwab investment account to apply? It states that on the landing page but I’m curious if anyone has tried to apply without one. Thanks!

The cashback is automatically deposited into a Schwab brokerage account.

Applied, got pending further review. I have 5 AmEx CCs right now, so I assume that’s it since the application page took me to an AmEx-like app page, rather than keeping me on the schwab site.