Screwed up 2017 tax return - need some advice

Scrambling last minute to figure out what to do but google searches didn’t help.

Here’s my scenario:
I worked in 2 states in 2017. NY & PA.
I submitted my return for federal and NY only thinking I could just submit the PA on its own using H&R Block. However, the software won’t allow me to submit the PA since it appears it has to be tied to the federal.

What is my best option? Amend my federal and ask for extension?

I owe nothing on the PA return, if that helps.

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Print out your PA return and mail it in. A lot of post offices are open late tonight.

doesn’t it have to be received by today or just post marked?


I don’t think ill be able to get it there today, you think its still worth sending by mail tomorrow? I understand there’ll likely be a late penalty

I don’t live anywhere near Pennsylvania, but I doubt they’ll come after you for being a day late especially if you don’t owe anything. Penalty might come out of your refund, if any.

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worth doing overnight mail at this point or since its late… its late so it doesn’t matter ?

Postmark is all that matters. That is why many post offices are open until midnight tonight.

You will be totally fine if you mail tomorrow. I promise.

They do not start to check postmarks in Harrisburg for at least a week. There are thousands of returns incoming. USPS transit time differences easily can exceed several days. It’s not as if they check every incoming piece of mail; that simply is not practical.

OTOH, to protect yourself mail in your return ASAP. But if you do it as soon as tomorrow you can totally relax. If you instead wait until the weekend or next week to mail it in you cannot be quite as relaxed.


Today’s postmark was only to avoid a penalty if you owe any taxes. If you don’t owe, you have like 3 more years to send it in before statute of limitations expires on your refund.

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You have 3 years from the return due date, including extensions, to claim a refund. For 2014, if you didn’t get an extension, it’s too late now since that deadline would be 3 years after Apr 15th, 2015.

Also, remember the sooner you file, the sooner the 3-6 year clock starts on the IRS contesting your return, so generally it’s good to do things sooner rather than later once you have all the information you need.


IRS deadline extended to April 18. Not sure how this affects Pennsylvania (probably doesn’t), but it’s at least something to point to if you can get it in by today.

thanks guys. got it in the mail today