Sears 100% back in SYW points

Are these still going? Any easy source for them or way to screen for them? I’ll move to hot deals if the thread eventually becomes a thing.

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Not sure if you knew about it when you posted or were generally asking if they’re still a thing. Right now there’s a 100% Back in SYW on some paper products, diapers, bath products and cat/dog food and toys. Mostly the Kmart branded stuff.

Except the points aren’t posting correctly, real mess, and there’s a cap of $50 in points per member. I put in two orders and will see if the points post tomorrow and update.

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How did you find out about it?

I had some free points from something and saw it on their site. Now it seems like it is dead. SD is reporting that they’re going to put it back up soon.

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I emailed and asked where the missing points were. On $22 of purchases they gave me $30 worth of Points. Not too bad. Will see if I can roll them on some wipes/diapers to donate and use the rest on some bottled water ($2.99 a case, not bad).

100% points seems to be working now on the kmart branded stuff, does not roll.

Ends up being like a 50% discount since the final purchase with points doesn’t net you anything back.

Wrong, I tend to buy tool sets on sale (with points) and flip them locally for slightly more

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Wow this one worked out super well for me. on $21 in purchase I got the $30 in points and then just today got another $21 in points.


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Can’t really figure out why but when I order one item at a time to use up free points I always get another offer for something free as well. Been breaking all large orders into smaller ones to try to get more offers.


Careful, when things are out of stock can cause your order to drop below the threshold.

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Not exactly 100% back, they’re giving you $10 in three chunks. But works for me.

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