Sears SYW $2 per Uber ride

They’re still running a promo in which you link sears to Uber and get $2/ride. Before year end, it was $4/ride and some cheap pool rides or normal rides in Eastern Europe were actually money makers. Usual issues with using sears points apply. Rides paid with Uber GC credit count.

Oddly enough, I bought a nice pair of boots at Lands End from accumulated Uber rides.


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I get cheap kids clothes with these points. Their ok quality but noname brands…kids don’t care so it’s a match.

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For some reason my SYWR Uber $2 credits have not been posting in months. I have even tried re-adding them, so not sure what is going on and SYWR support is as good as mud.

Nothing worked for 3 weeks, then I got an email asking me to re-link and a $20 Credit. Worked after that. I’d suggest linking again.

Interesting, I wonder what triggered that?

I’ve benefited significantly from this promotion. One downside is that the points tend to expire fairly quickly, within 4 weeks IIRC.

THIS WEEKEND ONLY: Earn $5 CASHBACK in Points From Shop You Way for Every Uber Ride

It doesn’t matter how much your Uber ride is, but for every trip you complete THIS WEEKEND, February 2nd through February 5th, you’ll earn $5 CASHBACK in points from Shop Your Way (SYW) if you’ve linked your Uber and SYW accounts.

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You could be riding for “free” somewhere like SF that has pooled rides under $5. Per comments on DoC, the monthly plans and passes also trigger the credit.

That’s been my experience. I just wish they’d give me a new pass, darn it!