Second Stimulus Check, sent but haven't received it

This is for my mom.

So I check the IRS site and it says the check have been sent on Jan 6 but as of today I haven’t seen it yet. What if it never shows up? I guess in theory I can request a rebate on her tax form but still, IRS would show that the check was indeed sent. I did some search but haven’t found any answers.

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mail is slow right now. lots of people still receiving things from out of state from december. just wait.


Yup, I ordered some small stuff on eBay from Hong Kong back in October. Finally files a refund request just the other day. I figured over 60 days I have waited long enough.

I usually files her tax in early Feb so if I haven’t got it by then I’ll see what I can do or file for the tax rebate.

It took ten days for a regular first class envelope to show up in New Orleans from Connecticut just now. It’s too late now, but I’d try to get her on direct deposit for next time,


That’s not a thing. If she’s not receiving government benefits and did not get a tax refund by DD in 2020 for tax year 2019, I don’t think there’s a way to “get her on direct deposit”.

While I do file her tax, there hasn’t been a payment or refund for many years now so there’s no bank record.

There doesn’t appear to be a way to update the record since the following site no longer works.

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Is she receiving any federal benefits? Social Security or SSI recipients who receive their payments by direct deposit should also get the stimulus by direct deposit.

Huh, are you sure? She does get a very small amount of SS direct deposited. But I guess IRS and SS doesn’t talk to each other.

I am and they do. It was in the FAQ for the first stimulus payment. The non-filers page even said not to use it if you receive social security, SSI, or some other benefits like railroad retirement fund or whatever it was. My retired parents got both stimulus payments by DD.


This is not correct in my experience. I owed the prior year so my previous DD info was not used. I went to the IRS stimulus site and updated bank info. DD was received the next week if I remember correctly.

NOTE: This was the case on the first stimulus. It may have changed on the second but I don’t think so.


It changed.


Somewhat oddly for my folks, who filed for the 2018 tax year but not in the 2019 tax year due to lack of income, one had “no information” and one had a check sent out January 6, which has not yet arrived. The original payment was direct deposited. It’s possible that filing in 2018 triggered a hold on payments when the 2019 return was not received in summer 2020. It shouldn’t be a problem to file in February regardless (other than waiting for all the 1099’s for the random CD’s to come in, although that and Social Security don’t add up to the filing requirement), but it is annoying to get asked this question repeatedly and telling them to just wait. I know that people have argued to file tax returns anyway even though the income is below the limit, in order to start the statute of limitations clock, but honestly I never saw the point.