Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions

Would be most grateful for any CC suggestions with the following conditions:

*Mastercard or Discover Card only. Visa simply will not work for me.

*Highest possible cash reward

*No annual fee unless the reward is amazing

*One reward point per dollar spent

My own research (yeah, I have been working on this myself, too) is pointing to Citi Double Cash and the Discover program that makes you wait until year’s end to get the other half of your 2% reward (not great).

I’m only interested in CASH rewards, and only in rewards that apply across the board, not in rewards that just apply for specialized types of spending (groceries, gasoline, etc.)

I realize this is a very targeted sort of inquiry, so any suggestions on target will be very much appreciated.

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Double Cash, great card. Try to get as high a line as possible on it.

Why won’t visa work for you?


Place I plan to use card refuses to accept Visa.

They also do not accept American Express. Should have mentioned that in the OP.

Am limited strictly to Mastercard or Discover. Cash back deals with these cards are less numerous than with many Visa cards, which is why I need help. There must be some opportunities out there . . . I hope.

Have you considered trying to negotiate a better price if you pay with cash/check?

A few of my suppliers give me 2.75% off if I pay upfront vs. CC payments.

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Thanks. Not really an option in my situation.

OK, I have found the PayPal Mastercard at 2%. Does anyone have an opinion on that one?

I don’t have the card, but my opinion pretty much “it’s Paypal…”


For whatever help it might be to others I can report the following on the PayPal 2% card:

Card does not allow cardholder to set CA (cash advance) limit independently of CL (credit line).

Card does not offer flexibility regarding statement closing date.

Am still looking and would, as prior, very much welcome any suggestions regarding great Mastercard or Discover credit cards.

The Citibank Double Cash card is available in MasterCard form and it pays 1% upon purchase and another 1% upon payment. The cash back can be redeemed as an account credit, check or direct deposit to your bank account.

The only thing about it that has been less than ideal for me is that the direct deposit option has some prerequisites that have to be met and I don’t meet them without some inconvenience for me. For most people I suspect that the prerequisites wouldn’t be a problem.

You don’t need to settle for 2%. Get Discover Miles which gets you 3% the first year with no AF. Then see what your options are next year this time.

I’d love to provide a referral link, but I will follow the rules here.

Yeah . . . uh . . . actually no. I am searching for CASH back, which is to say, only for rewards in CASH form.

Rewards, even high ones, in the form of travel (or any other) credits do not help me at all.

Show me the money!!

In cash!! :grinning:

Look at the card…

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Hmmmm. OK, thanks. I did read through their discussion of the card and found only references to travel stuff . . . nothing about CASH back. Maybe I missed it.

Obviously I’m unable to look at a card since I do not have that card.

Haha fair. I’m on my phone so can’t find the terms, but it’s basically a cash back card that they say earns miles because they want to be fancy (this annoys me to no end as well, especially when cash back is almost always supreme, so should be the touted benefit). You should be able to find information on Discover’s website though.

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Card offers 1.5% cashback across the board. That is certainly better than 1%. But I am hoping to do better.

The original poster was saying they double it in the first year.

Thanks. I will look into that. Oh, wait! I AM the original poster.:grinning:

I think that Discover doubling thing only applies to a certain type of Discover Card.

Still worth a shot, though. 3% the first year would be heaven.

I just finished my year with the 1.5 + 1.5 Discover miles card. It is a true 3% cashback card, assuming you make it to your 13th month without AA. Yes, the miles are redeemable for cash at 1cpp.

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OK, I got it. Finally. Thanks. Clearly this is the best opportunity out there. Heck, this is even good compared with Visa cards!!

I did not understand right away because of their terminology . . calling what are actually dollar rewards “miles”. Makes you think of a “travel only” situation.

But now have read terms and conditions. It’s money money. At 3%!!

Ain’t gonna do no better than that for the first year. I’m in, provided I can get in. :wink:

Is something wrong with the list in this thread?

You’ll see that Citi DC is the first Mastercard in the Everything category. There’s nothing else to consider with your conditions.

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