Seeking CC help/suggestions - Specific conditions

Card offers 1.5% cashback across the board. That is certainly better than 1%. But I am hoping to do better.

The original poster was saying they double it in the first year.

Thanks. I will look into that. Oh, wait! I AM the original poster.:grinning:

I think that Discover doubling thing only applies to a certain type of Discover Card.

Still worth a shot, though. 3% the first year would be heaven.

I just finished my year with the 1.5 + 1.5 Discover miles card. It is a true 3% cashback card, assuming you make it to your 13th month without AA. Yes, the miles are redeemable for cash at 1cpp.

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OK, I got it. Finally. Thanks. Clearly this is the best opportunity out there. Heck, this is even good compared with Visa cards!!

I did not understand right away because of their terminology . . calling what are actually dollar rewards “miles”. Makes you think of a “travel only” situation.

But now have read terms and conditions. It’s money money. At 3%!!

Ain’t gonna do no better than that for the first year. I’m in, provided I can get in. :wink:

Is something wrong with the list in this thread?

You’ll see that Citi DC is the first Mastercard in the Everything category. There’s nothing else to consider with your conditions.

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Thanks. Input much appreciated. I can use either Mastercard or Discover, but not Visa or American Express.

The Discover miles card, for the first year, seems to have a 3% reward. Other posters also are confirming this. That is 1.5% straightaway plus the Discover doubling deal after one year. 2 x 1.5% = 3%

So that looks better than the Citi Double Cash. No?

So what is the place? That may make a difference as to what card you get.

It’s a proprietary business deal, not really appropriate for discussion or revelation here. But for sure my counterparty has their terms. And I do not control their terms. I either do business on those terms or we do not do business.

Both of my “best” existing credit cards are Visa cards. So when they hit me with the “no Visa” thing I had to scramble and reach out for help. My present stable of credit cards features only one or (at most) two Mastercards . . and no Discover Cards at all!

Gotta admit, though, that Discover miles deal, for the first year, is every bit as rewarding as my current Alliant “daily spender” Visa card. And I didn’t even know that Discover card existed!!

Yes, exactly. Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The net is that it is 3% cash reward for the first year. The reason you don’t find this card listed among the best for ongoing rewards is because it is a one-trick pony … first year only. But for the next year, it is exactly what you are asking for.

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Nevermind, my fault. It does look like miles can be redeemed straight up for cash. So there’s your answer – discover for 1 year, Citi DC for life.

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Or you could do Discover for 1 year, cancel it, then use another card for a year or two, and then re-apply for the Discover deal again.


No problem whatsoever. Thanks.

The miles card, of which I had ZERO prior knowledge, was highly confusing to me at first. I appreciate the other posters encouraging me to dig deeper.

And, IMHO at least, you have to dig deep before you can realize what a great card it is for the first year. Discover certainly does not make everything obvious!!

At the same time, though, 3% credit cards across the board are surely not out there growing on trees. I am now well into my Alliant Visa Signature first year, and it has been a great money maker for me. But of course that is a Visa card and the miles card is a Discover card, which is what I need now.

After reading all the collected info on the Discovery CC, I decided to open one also.

I’m not interested in miles, but CASH, is what I’m always interested in. I have a Citi Business cc that I used to gain so many airline miles. Now I’m not flying much, so I am going to drop that card because of the yearly fee. I then opened the Alliant cc because I needed a Visa to buy at Costco.

But you guys have done all the leg work that shows me that Discovery cc is the way to go. I just filled out the application & got a response. (so quick) I was told that the card is in the mail. Thanks!!

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Good for you, pattyb53. Appreciate your post. You are ahead of me because I have some “cleanup duty” to perform first that’s probably going to take me ten days or so:

My objective at Discover is to obtain the highest possible credit line at 3%. So when I apply I want my FICO score to be as high as possible. Right now score is groaning a tad bit under the weight of several tens of thousands of dollars owed on other cards. Plan is to pay all that off, then wait a while, then finally apply to Discover beneath (I hope) more favorable circumstances owing to far lower utilization of existing credit. It’ll be worth paying everything off early if it means obtaining a higher credit line from Discover. We shall see if this all works out.

I’ll have to admit, Discovery didn’t offer the highest credit line. It’s ok for now, in fact higher than Alliant Visa offered when I open it a couple months ago. I really only needed a Visa cc for shopping at Costco.

My FICO score is not any thing to right about. Problem is I only had 1 credit card for years, Citi Business cc. My credit line with them is very high, but the yearly fee is outrageous. Credit Bureau doesn’t count Business credit cards on FICO. So in my older age I decided I needed more credit. Isn’t that ridiculous?

Discover. Discovery is a TV channel and a space shuttle.


Tens of thousands of dollars owed on cards? What are you doing? Do you pay interest or fees for that?

So during the year you get 1.5% cash back. Is that awarded on the statement after purchase or the next statement? At the end of 12 months, you get another 1.5% back of the total sum. How fast do they credit that?

The 1.5% is awarded each month for that month’s purchases. On the one year anniversary, they award a Discover Match of 1.5%.

I don’t see that this is offered with cards issued now, but for mine, I also get $30 rebate on onboard wi-fi purchases as well, which is a nice touch for an AF card. But again, may no longer apply to new issues.

As a frugal guy, it is killing me that I can’t post a referral link.

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