Shoprunner Free 2-yr. Membership for PayPal Members

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If you don’t have an AMEX card, you should. Get free shoprunner through it (no 2 year memberships).

I feel like at this point if you don’t have shoprunner you’re not trying.

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Sweet, I extended my membership by 1 year a month or two ago, and just extended it another 2 years with this offer. Thanks, OP!

I’ve checked the stores on the list and don’t shop at most of them. Do they add new stores regularly?

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Not really, I find as an amex cardholder that it is useful 2-3 times a year when taking advantage of various deals. Most recently we used it for the Tmo Tuesday MLB deal, without it shipping was $10 and not covered by coupon. And two day shipping is always nice.

It’s also available to MasterCard cardholder, not totally clear on requirements but between those two they cover like 60% of ppl with cards (even if most ppl use visa most usually have an amex or MC).

Stopped using SR when they stopped free Dominos delivery…


Yep. We did start ordering better pizza though.

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Has anyone ever actually paid for Shoprunner?

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I could never understand why anybody could be excited about ShopRunner.

From all the stores on their list I only shop at Staples and newegg. The ShopRunner benefit for Staples is actually worse than what you get just by joining Staples Rewards – 2-day free shipping vs 1-day free shipping on orders over $49.99. IMO any savings don’t justify signing up for it.