Slickdeals valuation

Some old news, i came across. Slickdeals was sold for $500mm in 2018. I am sure it is higher now.

So how much was torched by fatwallet owners? I am sure part of the reason for high valuation was due to fatwallet getting killed. still. unbelievable.


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Oddly I read about this as well a few months ago. I hadn’t realized Slickdeals sold out to Goldman, either.

To be fair, ebates → Rakuten likely makes more on their current model than they would have if they kept the old FatWallet branding and the forum. If I had to guess, Rakuten is almost certainly one of the most used shopping portals on the web.


but tim got a bad deal? LoL


SD has gone downhill with shill posts, mod marketing

I miss FW, esp. FWF (doesn’t help that they keep banning me @ SD)


for what?

Sadly, there ain’t. SD is decent by keyword. Over the last couple of years, they’ve learned to milk the keyword alerts better than Guernsey milkers, without the pleasure. :frowning: