Small (4 qt.) air fryer w/ digital controls - $25 from Best Buy through eBay - FS


Your choice of colors provided you choose black. Seriously, much higher price for other colors.

Digital controls. Good reviews. Free shipping. This is by far the lowest price I have seen for this air fryer. Time/quantities may be limited.

Yes, I bought one. At this price I was unable to resist!! :wink:


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The price doubled overnight.

I knew that was a great deal at 25 bucks with free shipping. Was fortunate to get one.

The giveaway offering sure didn’t last long, though.

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On background, for information only. Not an action item, at least not right now:

You can find here

an analog version of the air fryer in the OP. These analog models always sell for less, when on sale. That fryer is not on sale right now. The price is forty dollars.


Shipping is also a focus with these things. Oftentimes a low, sale price does not come with free shipping. The latter was a key feature of the air fryer in the OP and sealed the deal, at least for me.

So for example if this analog air fryer goes on sale for (say) twenty bucks, but without free shipping, that is not a great deal in my view.

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