So what have you bought for Black Friday so far?

This year for some retailers, Black Friday has started earlier than today, so you can also talk about what you bought so long as the sale is related to Black Friday.

So did you guys shop for deals this week online (only), in-store (only), or both? And what did you get?

Last night I shopped online only and got myself a $30 Google Home Mini from On I bought the $100 Amazon HD 10 Fire Tablet, $25 Amazon Fire TV stick, and $14 Sandisk 64GB microSDXC card. This morning online from I bought a $60 Instant Pot.

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Some suction cups, lots of Tiergrade stuff on amazon.


I got some tools from HD and scored some stuff at Old Navy with the deal @acquavallo posted here: $115 merchandise for $35 @ Old Navy... Hurry

Nothing else I really want this year. Still need to make a secret santa list but I’m out of ideas even for what to ask for.

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I got a few things from Amazon, only one of which was a Christmas gift. A couple of books and a movie. Only spent about $25. Not planning on doing any in-store shopping this weekend.

On Thursday and yesterday I bought :

  1. Walmart , Samsung chromebook 3, alot of 5w-20 full synthetic oil, some of sleeping cloth for family, crockpot and some kitchen stuff.

  2. JC Penney, Few shoes, some of winter cloth and jacket.

  3. Target, Some of winter cloth. Cookware set, some pillow.

I have unpleasent experience at JC Penney, 2 time in different location. Each time spend more than 1 hour wait at line for cashier. Horrible. Under staff. Bad experience.

I went to walmart 4 location and target 2 location. I have good experience.

I bought some high yield debt. I guess time will tell whether it was “cheap”.


I purchased a can of Green Giant corn, which was free after extra-care bucks at CVS since I was already there anyway.

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I also got the new Fire HD 10 tablet (same price at It was too cheap to resist. Already ran into one glitch (wifi wouldn’t turn on, fixed by rebooting). The color rendering appears worse than my 2013 Nexus 7, but I ran some test videos side by side and they looked the same, so maybe it’s me.

A very underwhelming BF/CM IMO.

I got the 50 in sharp tv at best buy (thank you discover) and the 189 xbox one s at target (with $25 gift card).

around $370 after tax got me tv, xbox, $25 gc, and some yet to be determined cashback.