Solar Black LED Landscape Pathway Light Set - $12 at Home Depot

This is an overstock item, marked down from $20.

Link to deal


Shipping appears to be free. But I’m not 100% certain.

Ratings are quite positive.

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Shows $19.88 for me…

Agreed. I always round off.

The present deal cost, for example, is marginally under the rounded off twelve bucks in my title. But you cannot buy very much these days with the difference. :slightly_frowning_face:

Buy 8 of them, and get another 25% off.

Long driveway or walkway

I meant to say that it doesn’t show the marked down price. My price is $19.88. Perhaps the deal is regional.


That is interesting. When I click the link in the OP I am still seeing a price of $11.92 with an overstock symbol.

Strange stuff. I dunno what is happening. Sorry deal is not working for you.

East coast/west coast distribution center? I see the deal as well, and they’re willing to sent up to 6,391 to my local store for pickup (or ship to my home).

The 18-pack is $62, almost as much as 8 6-packs.