Southwest companion pass

If you do a lot of domestic travel one of the easiest things to sign up for and get is a Southwest Companion Pass. We’ve traveled *free/cheap for years using it.

404 - $2k min spend
404 - $2k min spend

Companion pass needs 110k miles in one year. These two cards combined give you 120k.

The good thing about companion pass is it makes travel BOGO free & you can use miles to pay for your tickets, the value of your miles double, all you pay for is taxes.

Free = Last year I used my $300 CSR travel credit on a southwest gift card, pays for my taxes.


Very important that if you get the cards don’t hit the min spend on both until you know the points will post after Jan 1. That will give you all of next year (well, almost all), and then 2019 for the CP.

These links are also supposed to expire Oct 4th, FWIW.


Good point! How to Correctly Time Your Southwest Companion Pass: Your Questions Answered - Families Fly Free by Go to Travel Gal

also: Here’s a discussion on the business card and the 60k points. Get Instant Southwest Companion Pass With New Southwest Card Offer!

Note that the Plus is $69 annual fee and Premier is $99.

Also, Chase’s 5/24 rule: If you have opened five or more accounts in the last 24 months then you’ll likely be denied.

Yeah. If you’re shut out of Chase due to 5/24 or blacklisted, your only option is to manufacture the 110k either directly on an existing Southwest card, now that they’ve shut the door on hotel transfers qualifying. Or, gasp, fly for it.

Consider the business card first to save a 5/24 slot.

I thought the credit card signup way was ending?

Rumors that it might 1/1/2018.

They will give a heads up if it does happen.

Just saw a deal for CA residents - get a free companion pass through 2018 if you sign up for their Rapid Rewards CC. Looks like an awesome deal. Link


The CA offer is ridiculously good.