Southwest status match (90 day challenge)

I don’t repost a lot of travel blog content here, but this might be useful for those of you with summer travel and other airline status to use for the match. 90 days A list. Fly 3x r/t in 90 to get it for 12 months. All the usual caveats apply. Must cancel/rebook to get credit for existing reservations, etc.


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They rarely offer matches that aren’t targeted, or that don’t require flying 3x first, so this is relatively good for stingy Southwest.

It’s also fairly easy to quantify. It’s worth $15/segment plus whatever you value the bonus points for.

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Seems like a lot of people are hitting this. A friend said she hear back in two hours a few days ago.

Mine has now been with SW for over a day, and not a peep.

Mine was processed quite quickly but I requested it the first day.

As usual, none of my existing tickets reprice anywhere close to the same $$$. Tough call to purely mileage run 3x just for A list, but I’m sure tempted. It certainly makes flying Southwest a lot more palatable.